Scholarship coach Ryan Blott is named Scarborough Athletic coach & club captain

Scarborough Football Scholarship coach Ryan Blott has been named Scarborough Athletic first-team coach and club captain.

Boro’s all-time leading goalscorer will not only be part of the playing staff next season, but he will take up a first-team coaching role and will be the club captain.

“It is huge for me, I’ve been at Scarborough since Under-10s. I was gutted when I left the club a few years ago, but it was the right decision for me at the time,” said Blott.

“I’ve been two or three years away from the club. Daz had the faith to bring me back in and it has gone forward from there.

“Now I’m back it is time to get down to the hard work again.

“I was just getting into the swing of things when the season finished because I’d had six or seven months of not playing.

“On the coaching side, my roles will be a case of doing whatever Daz asks me to do, from working on the training pitch to input in the changing room.

“It is about supporting him to the best of my ability and linking it with the playing side as well.”

Blott is looking forward to teaming up over the long term with skipper Michael Coulson and Jimmy Beadle, who he spent a lot of time with in the youth section of the old club.

He added: “I think having lads like us at the club is what the fans like, it brings a lot of identity as well.

“That was one of the reasons I left initially, because it didn’t feel like a Scarborough football club.

“Things have changed a lot now with Daz in charge. You can’t just play Scarborough lads for the sake of it, but, for me, that isn’t the case.

“I still believe that I have plenty to offer. When I came back at the end of last season I was nowhere near fit enough, I knew that and Daz knew that.

“It was just a case of getting back to some kind of fitness and playing a part.

“If and when he needs me on that pitch, I 100% won’t let him down.”

In his day job, Blott is a coach with the Scarborough Football Scholarship and he believes that he can now help further with the integration of the young players at the club.

He said: “The Scholarship is huge for the future of the club. Hopefully we can bring a few players through like myself, Coulo, Jimmy and Carl Cook.

“We have the Under-19s on a Monday and the Scholarship football on a Wednesday. If these players impress in these games then they will be given the opportunity to come training.”

Boss Kelly added: “Blotty is a legend at this club, and rightly so.

“He has so much to offer this club, both on and off the pitch.

“On the playing side he will create me a good problem because he adds to the excellent competition we have for places all over the pitch.

“It will be up to every player to fight for their place, in a positive way. You need that if you want to be successful.

“On the training side I am very hands on. We will be training on both 3G and grass in our sessions, so we can work on our away form. I can’t be in two places at once. Having people like Blotty and David Brown will ease the workload.

“On the pitch Coulo will be our captain, but Blotty’s role as club captain is more about representing us, being an ambassador.

“I think he will be great at doing that.”