Scarborough Athletic & the Scholarship step into FA Youth Cup

The link between Scarborough Athletic and the Scarborough Football Scholarship will break new ground in September when the club enter the FA Youth Cup for the first time.

Boro Under-19s have been drawn on the road at Brigg Town in a game that will be played in the week commencing Monday September 2.

Scholarship coach Ryan Blott, who is also joint manager of Boro Under-19s with Denny Ingram, said: “It is very exciting for us all, this is breaking new ground for the club and the lads.

“It is a great opportunity to test our lads in this competition and see how far we can go in it.

“It is something for younger lads at the club and at the Scholarship to aim for because you are potentially just a few rounds away from a very big game.

“It is another huge boost of the Scholarship’s link with Scarborough Athletic, which continues to flourish.”