Level 3 Sport – BTEC Extended Diploma (Triple Sport)

SONY DSCOur BTEC Level 3 course provides the opportunity for students to pursue a career in the sports industry.  You will study 14 (fourteen) units over 2 years in all aspects of sport.  Once complete you will have a 3 A Level equivalent qualification.

The course includes many practical based units where students will get a hands on approach to learning.  This benefits students as it replicates scenarios that take place in the world of sport and better prepares them for life within a sporting environment…everything from fitness testing, making sports energy drinks and even organising sports competitions for local schools.


LEVEL 3 Year 12 Units
U1 Anatomy and Physiology
U2 Fitness Training and Programming for Sport, Health and Well-being
U3 Professional Development in Sport
U4 Sport Leadership
U7 Practical Sports Performance
U8 Coaching for Performance
U5 Fitness Testing

Assignments and support

IMG_0997All of our students are offered one to one support from our tutors on any challenges they may encounter.  Every assignment that is set has a deadline which students are expected to meet. All of the work is done on a laptop that is provided by the Scholarship. We believe that working on laptops gives students access to research and an easy way to store work in one place.